Human existance is about exploring the full spektrum of our bodies, minds, emotions, sexuality, gender, creativity ...

... we want to create a space where you can explore yourself on the this spektrum that is being human and learn safely about your body, mind, nervous system, interests, kinks, fantasies, fetishes, spirituality, relationships, gender, gender expression, sexuality, asexuality and anything in between ... alone with your friends or partner(s).

Events this month ...

Rope and BDSM (classes and workshops)

We believe that BDSM practices whether you define them as something fun you do in the bedroom, you express yourself this way with your friends and partner(s) or you consider it your sexual orientation or even part of your personality offers a wide spektrum of things to learn and discover about yourself and others and we want to offer a safe space to do exactly that!

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Yoga, mindfulness and meditation (classes and workshops)

Yoga, mindfulness, breathing techniques and sound meditation support our physical and energetical/emotional body ...

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Bodywork, massage and sound therapy (private sessions)

Somatic bodywork and soundhealing are tools to help heal our physical and energetical/emotional bodies, release trauma and work on a healthy nervous system.

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Body and Sex positivity (classes and workshops)

We are proponents of a body- and sex-positive culture.

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Art, performances and exhibitions

We want to create, experience and show art through exhibitions, performances and events.

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LGBTQIA+, queer and trans safe(r) space (private sessions and workshops)

We want to create a safe(r) space for everybody to be able to explore the whole spektrum of their being.

That also means offering explorative workshops about everything under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella

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We offer ...

... yoga, movement and meditation classes, somatic bodywork and sound therapy sessions ...
workshops, classes and events about sex- and body-positivity, yoga, bodywork, spirituality, rope and bdsm, art events and exhibitions, LGBTQIA+ issues and all gender(expressions).


Spektrum Reykjavik

Hringbraut 119
101 Reykjavík, Iceland

Spektrum Reykjavik