Anti abuse policy

Our Anti-Abuse Policy is borrowed from Karada House in Berlin who developed it from inspiration by the
Color Code of Conduct, invented by the owner of Homeroom restaurant in Oakland, USA.
They adapted it for safe(r) spaces and share this with everyone who wants to use it for their space, too. 

We are doing our best to uphold this policy with integrity, consciousness about our abilities
and capacities and with the knowledge in mind that we do not know everything and are only human,
prone to mistakes and always learning and growing.

We believe in call-ins not call-outs and accountability instead of cancelling and excluding
(without chance of rehabilitation) - of course there are always many factors to consider
and every situation is unique .


How it works:
Tell a member of the space:
colour code + person


Someone makes you feel uncomfortable (e.g. staring, too close etc.),
your gut feeling tells you that something isn‘t right.

We‘ll not judge you, we will trust you and keep an eye on the person.

We will witness with and/or for you.
You may choose to engage with this person or not.


Something has happened that can be interpreted as non-consensual
or inappropriate behaviour
but may fall within the „gray area“ where
it *could* be interpreted otherwise (e.g. missunderstanding).

It makes you feel very uncomfortable.
Don‘t question your intuition.
Come to us.

We will talk to the person and tell them that their behaviour makes others uncomfortable.
We request that they stop engaging in any interactions immediately to reconsider and change their behaviour.

Otherwise they will be removed from the space.
You stop engaging with this person.

- RED -

A clear cut violation of consent and/or boundaries
(e.g. sexual remark, unconsensual touch etc.).

We immediately remove this person from the space.

An accountability process will be initiated a few days later.


See the printable poster of this policy at Karada House
and more detailed notes for spaceholders here.