AGKT (he/him)

AGKT started his learning in Japanese erotic rope bondage from reputed international teachers in 2015.

A sadomasochistic rigger, he ties mainly “semenawa”, or the art of beautiful suffering. He is mostly following the teachings of Nawashi Kanna and Naka Akira in which styles he has received extensive training.

Originally from Europe, he resides in Canada where he co-founded CORE, the Collective of Ottawa rope educators. He has performed live and taught rope in Canada, United States, Mexico, Brazil, the Philippines and Iceland.

Tamandua (he/him)

Tamandua is an incredibly skilled rope artist that combines sensitivity and sadism so beautifully.

He is a full time rope artist and kinbaku instructor based in Berlin with an exceptional sense for aesthetics and technique.

"I have a passionately sadistic streak and a deep love for the aesthetic realm of kinbaku.

Often tying in a way which can be challenging both for the one tying and the one in the ropes, my shibari usually demands a lot of technical clarity when in the role of a teacher. Despite this I believe that it is still important to also manage to leave room for personal adjustment and creativity.

For me, the core of kinbaku lies in the meeting between the aesthetic expression and the emotional or erotic intention of the practice.

And the more ones tying develop, the more seamlessly the parts can intermingle."


Gestalta (they/them)

Gestalta is an exceptional full time rope artist that has a lot of different things to offer and a very structured/down to earth yet artistic approach.

My approach to shibari has evolved as the result of over a decade of practice on both sides of the ropes and a broad range of influences that I appropriate, mix and develop in my own practice.

This has shaped my teaching style into one that seeks to reflect the experience of both tying partners on a deep level.

I have a strong belief that shibari should not be prescriptive and encourage students to explore it as a flexible set of tools; adapting each tie to the body of the tied partner, and to their needs and desires within each individual situation.

My teaching process aims to enable this by giving students a framework of the fundamental principles behind shibari; including safety efficiency and fluency, but also body awareness, communication, and conscious consideration of their own experiences and motivations.

I absorbed most of my technical rigging style a natural process of observation and experience from inside the ropes of the people I was tied by as a model. In this respect, I have been lucky to have had a broad range of influences.


Sawa Shibari (she/her)

She is a fantastic Rigger and Bottom, comes from a martial arts
background so for us she is usually holding workshops about PLAY, improvisation, creativity and playing with the body of your model and how to use yours as a rigger ... as well as hands on IMPACT PLAY (punching, slapping and kicking)


Caritia (no pronouns)

Co-Owner & Co-Founder of Karada House (Berlin) and OH YES PLEASE! online kink/bdsm education.

Educator/Artist/Coach/Intentional Space holder/Boundaries advocate

Caritia’s fascination with the root/the body stems from a longing to deeply ‘listen’ to (her) body holistically, from the inside out. Passionately (and patiently) empathetic and fantastically flawed, boundaries and self-care are the guiding principles by which this weaver of magic casts spells.

Discovering the pleasures in witnessing, sharing and holding
intentional space for others, supports deepening evolution in waves of learning.

Self-identifying as a British born person of Afro Caribbean and African diaspora descent, living in Berlin.

Uses no pronouns in everyday life, although will adopt she/her when required.

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Saara Rei (she/her/he/him)

Saara Rei (she/her/he/him) is a performance artist and workshop facilitator with a professional background in music, dance, education, and public speaking.

Playfulness and humor make up a big chunk of Saara's personality and approach to life, giving her workshops a very exploitative and light atmosphere, even while approaching some of the heaviest of topics.

Saara has been practicing Japanese-inspired rope bondage since 2014. Her over ten years of dance experience has given Saara a strong base of body awareness knowledge and experience that transfers over to her rope practice and teaching. To dance is to communicate with your body, and with that, there is no question that we are all dancing with our ropes.

As a kinkster, power play has always been an important topic relating to sexuality and expression of self for Saara. She believes that hierarchy is always present in our interactions with others and that it should be embraced and understood, rather than resisted.

She strongly emphasizes that the top and the bottom create a scene together, each with equally important roles and shared responsibility.

Having a strong sadomasochistic streak, Saara loves playing with physical pain as well as humiliation, shame, and fear from all perspectives.

She believes that if one can truly sit with their darkest feelings and emotions then they can be understood and become familiar.... shining light upon them, so that they are no longer monsters unseen in the darkness.

Learning to sit in these typically undesired feelings and emotions has been deeply healing for Saara, and with that she likes to encourage others to do the same, in a responsible, intentional, and safe way.

In general, Saara's work centers around the exploration of suffering.

Through her kink practice, she has come to understand that suffering comes from the comparison of what has been or could be to the present moment. And with that, one cannot suffer when they are truly present, in the now. This deep realization has been a main driving force for her, and has aided her in maintaining deep peace in even some of the most difficult of situations, both in kink and in her everyday life. With the knowledge Saara has gained from this practice of chosen suffering, she enjoys teaching about how to use suffering as a path to presence in every aspect of life.

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Ceci ferox

Ceci (they/them)

Ceci (they/them) is a queer and kinky sex therapist and bondage artist based in Berlin, Germany.

Ceci's practice is trauma-informed, inclusive of different identities and
bodies, and anti-racist.

They have been in the BDSM scene since they were a teenager and have been teaching since 2014.

They teach Japanese inspired rope bondage and BDSM at Karada House and internationally from top, bottom and switch perspectives.

Ceci likes to focus on elements of technique and communication.

When teaching and organizing events, Ceci draws on their expertise as a community educator to bring people together.

Their goal is to create safer spaces for people to communicate through bondage and kink.

Ceci has been self tying since they started learning shibari in 2011, and
during the pandemic the practice became crucial to their well-being and balance.

Ceci’s self tying practice is focused on sustainable ties that empower and give space for emotional and physical exploration as well as pleasure.

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