KATARINA (they/them)

I am the founder of Spektrum Reykjavik and Reykjavík Ropes ... this space was born to weave together and offer all those things that i love to learn about, experience, enjoy and that i hold dear ...

I am a genderfluid (rope)switch, bodyworker, explorer, learner and a witch ...


I have basically been massaging my whole life.
Ever since I was a child I used to massage everybody in my family and there is nothing that gives me more joy or feeling of accomplishment than to make people feel better and giving them comfort in their body and with themselves, help them through difficult times and support them
with working through and releasing trauma.

I am a certified yoga teacher as well as a Reiki and massage practitioner and a witch. I did my first Thai Massage training with Valérie Gaillard and then went on to do a full month's course with Rahul Bharti at the Healing Hands Center in Kathmandu, Nepal where I intensively studied how to take care of the physical and energetic body through massage, exercise, meditation, sound healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls and energy work.


I did my basic (200hr) yoga teacher training with Light Yoga Warriors in Iceland after many years of self practice
(led by the beautiful and talented Ágústa Kolbrún and Sara María).

Then i went on to do two (2x50hr) modules with Beta Lisboa at Yoga Shala that focused on Yin Fascial Yoga, to learn and work with how trauma is stored in the fascial system using the knowledge of the interconnection of fascia, the chakras and meridians as healing modality.

I like to look at yoga as something that can be practiced by everyone in all kinds of different ways but what I try most to give forward is the discovery of awareness of your own body, how your body feels with and during yoga and breathing techniques and how one can really harness the power of this body awareness to understand oneself better on a physical and emotional level – because it's all connected.

If you are interested in any kind of classes, massage or treatment that I offer I encourage you to send me a message and together we will find what you could benefit from the most.


The moment I had finally found ropes in my life was like an epiphany for me – it's possible to DO that?

There is this incredible powerful yet intricate practice and the moment i found it i just wanted to do and learn it more and more and havn't stopped reading, learning, experiencing, doing mistakes and learning from them and inviting teachers and making connections since then.

I want to share this practice with people so that they have the opportunity to experience it for themselves, make it their own and learn it in a safe(r), non judgemental and professional way and environment.

I have a deep interest in tying and it's emotional and physical aspects like the energy and power exchange that comes with it and what physical experiences it gives through our connection and physical bodies and how it is all beautifully connected.

I believe that tying can be experienced on many different levels and in many different ways and involves understanding, communicating and building trust (with) and feeling yourself and your partner(s).