General rules and guidelines

(Thanks to Ellipsis rope events in Rotterdam for putting in the hard work to develop this and allowing us to use it with slight changes unique to our space and purposes)


General Rules & Etiquette

1.1. Abusive, inappropriate or offensive behavior will not be tolerated and will result in immediate expulsion from the space without refund. The organizers reserve themselves the right to ban people from the space and events if deemed neccessary for keeping a safe space for the community.

(see anti abuse policy as taken over from Karada House and our own accountability policy)

1.2. No shoes in the space. We do not allow outside shoes inside the space for hygienic reasons.

1.3. Don't step on other people's ropes, mats, blankets or other belongings or handle them without asking permission first. (Often a person's set of rope or yoga mat is personal and valuable and we expect you to treat another's property in a respectful way.)

1.4. Don’t touch people without their CONSENT. Some people need more personal space than others and even though hugging and tapping someone on the shoulder can be acceptable for some, it might be intrusive to others. Always check with people before touching them in any way. This goes double for people who are tied.

1.5. Please clean up after yourself. We want to keep the space clean and free of clutter. Please throw out any trash you create (we recycle as well as possible), store your bags/coats/shoes in the designated storage spaces (and clear your space of rope after you’re done tying to allow others to make use of the available space.)

1.6. No fetish wear or full nudity in the space (unless for special performances or workshops).

1.7. We recommend you to wear comfortable clothing while tying, practicing yoga or receiving a bodywork session, sound therapy session or attending other workshops.

1.8. Keep your volume at a reasonable level, both while tying and while socializing. This is to create a relaxed and neutral atmosphere as well as it helps neurodivergent people stay comfortable as they might be more sensitive to (loud) noise (We offer free earplugs if you need them, just ask us).

We have a special lounge area (upstairs) where you can sit and chat and socialize.

1.9. Strong smells/perfume use!

Do not come to the space with strong perfume, deodorant or aftershave on you
and do not use it inside the space, many people have sensitivities and/or allergies to all kinds of strong (synthetic) smells.

Yoga teachers and others facilitators are asked to only use incense, palo santo or strong essential oils after making sure everybody in the class is okay with it and should air out the space afterwards.

Strong smells extend to food and drinks as well (energy drinks for example) please be mindful!

1.10. Alcohol is not allowed in the space and intoxicated people are refused entry.


Rope Labbing & (BDSM) Play

2.1. Please note that Rope Jams are rope bondage oriented (social) events and are NOT PLAY PARTIES.

2.2. During the Jams we allow both (and differentiate between) rope labbing and rope play sessions.

Rope labbing is usually defined as “practicing” what you’ve learned and trying out new stuff. Usually, there is a lot of communication between rope partners and/or with others who are sharing their knowledge and insights.

During rope play or a rope session a couple or individual is usually tying patterns and techniques they are skilled at and are usually more intimate.

2.3. Please approach people who are tying with care or perhaps save any remarks
(like compliments, etc) until after their session is finished. Observing a session is always allowed,
but please keep a respectful distance while doing so.

2.4. Some (traditional) rope related (consensual) play is allowed while tying.

Most important to keep in mind is that to not unnecessarily disturb others. Typical play features can include: body manipulation, tying over the (unexposed) genital area, blindfolds, mouth-ropes, constrictions, predicaments or exposure (no full nudity). Please refrain from any extensive impact play, verbal humiliation (since this automatically includes others) and intentionally painful ties to cause screaming.

2.5. Neckropes are only allowed during floor-based sessions (not during suspensions) and only as “play ropes” (not tied of but held in hand) or tied off with a quick release. If you do not have experience with these techniques, don’t include them in your session!

2.6. Wax play is not allowed during our Rope Jams unless you brought a special sheet.

2.7. Make sure you practice safe, sane and consensual bondage, don’t take unnecessary risk and only take risks if all participants are aware of the risk and willing to take them.

Always keep a safety-shear and/or rescue hook in reach and ask for help in case of any emergency!


Sex positivity, sexual orientation and gender identity

3.1. We are proponents of a sex-positive culture.
This does not mean that we allow sexual interaction within the venue.

It does mean that we believe that the appropriate uses of sex extend beyond reproduction and have a non-judgemental approach to all, explicitly consensual, forms of sexuality.

Slut-shaming, prude-shaming, and kink-shaming are highly opposed in our space and we instead strive for body acceptance/body positivity, overall sexual health, and responsibility.

3.2. We do not allow any form of discrimination against anyone sexual orientation
and oppose hetero-normative attitudes.

3.3. We respect people’s gender identity and gender nonconformity.

“Gender identity refers to an individual's internalized psychological experience of being male or female, whereas gender nonconformity refers to the degree to which an individual's appearance, behavior, interests, and subjective self-concept deviate from conventional norms for masculinity/femininity.”

(Lisa M. Diamond et al., Handbook of Child Psychology and Development Science, 7th edition, 2015)


Use of hardpoints

4.1. Use of the hardpoints and rings installed is only allowed after getting explicit consent from the host!
If you wish to make use of our hardpoints, we want to be sure you have the required skill set to do so safely or are aware of your skilllevel and use the points for responsible practice.

Please ask any of our hosts for permission.

Once granted, you are free to use the hardpoints and beams in the future unless we decide otherwise.

4.2. Don’t use the suspension rings as a jungle gym or any other unintended use! We installed the hardpoints specifically for bondage suspension purposes. Using them in any other way might be unsafe for both you and the people around you.

4.3. No neck-ropes in suspension. We do not allow neck-ropes in (partial) suspension like mentioned before (2.5).



5.1. You are only allowed to take pictures of your own work and your own partner (with consent).
Taking pictures of (any part) of other people is NOT allowed.

5.2. Please do not use flash photography since this can be very distracting for others

5.3. Video or audio recordings are only allowed after explicit consent by the event/workshop organizer(s).


Respect the space

6.1. No food or drinks in the tying area during ropejams.


ENM/Polyamory and other events

7.1. NO (strong) perfumes/artificial smells as many people have allergies and sensitivities towards that so be mindful with deodorant, perfume and aftershave!

7.2. NO alcohol or drugs are allowed in the space and drunk people may be denied entry or asked to leave.

7.3. Confidentiality and safe(r) space

Everything said and discussed at these events is and will be CONFIDENTIAL between the participants and we ask everyone not to share any stories or experiences that are not their own.

7.4. Inappropriate behaviour

These are not "dating" but community building events and people who only show that kind of behaviour/intention or make other people uncomfortable in any way through inappropriate advances or comments will be called in by any of our space holders and/or asked to leave or not to come again.



(Thank you RMSSSDLP for the groundwork on these rules)

These rules apply to all play and communications at play parties.

8.1. Confidentiality is key. What happens at a play party stays at the play party. 

8.2. Everyone is welcome to observe other people at play but interrupting them is not acceptable and keeping a respectful distance is mandatory.

8.3. You can always say YES and you can always say NO to anything and anyone at any time. 

8.4. We encourage everyone to the principles of S.S.C. and R.A.C.K.

8.5. There is absolutely no obligation to take part or play in one way or another. You can simply come to observe or to socialize.

8.5. You can always say stop (safewords we as hosts will listen for and might get involved are RED and YELLOW). 

8.6. Hosts can stop all play and escort people out of the premises.

(See all rules above and our anti abuse policy)

8.7. If you're not sure about whether the play is appropriate, security issues, a suitable location and other things that may be relevant talk to us first! Play that unexpectedly shock people can expect our intervention. 

8.8. Please note that loud noises, such as yelling and laughing can interrupt people at play.

8.9. Respect people's personal space.

8.10. Alcohol, Drugs and any kind of intoxication is not allowed
and it’s strictly forbidden to play under the influences of any substances. 
If we suspect players to be under the influence they will stop the play without any notice.

8.11. PHOTOGRAPHY is prohibited without consulting us first.
Nobody else may be in any photograph even if you get permission from us to take one.

8.12. It is forbidden to touch people or their belongings/toys without their expressed consent. 

8.13. If you see a play where you think something is not OK
, whether it's related to sub, dom or spectator behavior, TALK TO US immediately.