Body and Sex positivity

We are proponents of a sex- and body-positive culture.

Body positivity means to accept and maybe even love ourselves and others no matter the shape, colours or "capability" of our bodies.

Sex positivity means to have a non judgemental approach to our own and other's sexuality and sexual expression.

This does NOT mean that we allow sexual interaction within the venue.

It DOES mean that we believe that the appropriate uses of sex extend beyond reproduction and have a non-judgemental approach to all, explicitly consensual, forms of sexuality.

Slut-shaming, prude-shaming, and kink-shaming are highly opposed in our space and we instead strive for body acceptance, overall sexual health, and responsibility while exploring our full sexual spektrum.

We do not allow any form of discrimination against anyone's sexual orientation
and oppose hetero-normative attitudes.

We respect people’s gender identity and gender nonconformity.

“Gender identity refers to an individual's internalized psychological experience of being male or female, whereas gender nonconformity refers to the degree to which an individual's appearance, behavior, interests, and subjective self-concept deviate from conventional norms for masculinity/femininity.”

(Lisa M. Diamond et al., Handbook of Child Psychology and Development Science, 7th edition, 2015)