these are the people in our space

Katarina (they/them)

I am the founder of Spektrum Reykjavik and Reykjavík Ropes ... this space was born to weave together and offer all those things that i love to learn and teach about, experience, enjoy and that i hold dear ...

I am a genderfluid (rope)switch, bodyworker, yoga teacher, explorer, neurodivergent, forever a student of humans and a witch ...

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Karól (she/her)

Dísa (she/her-they/them)

Hello all. My name is Dísa and I've been an active participant in the scene here in Iceland since December 2018. The NSFW ban on Tumblr gave me the kick in the butt needed to get active. Showed up to a munch to begin with, then ventured into other events such as the RMSSSDLP and Rope Jams. Since childhood, I knew I liked ropes (and, in fact, hypnosis).

Then those wires crossed with the d/s interactions I saw in various erotic stories I read online. Mostly, I bottom in rope and enjoy the connection between me and my play partner, as I don't have a great tolerance for pain.

I've never been suspended, but like to think I was pretty active in the before-covid times and would say I have two years' experience at being a rope bottom, with two or three weekend workshops under my belt.


Dísa is our "house-cat" - there to welcome you, introduce the space, help you with any questions, listen and keep a watchful eye during Rope Jams to uphold a safe(r) space through our rules and guidelines and is sometimes also modeling for rope workshops!