Yoga, mindfulness, breathing techniques, movement and meditation.

Yoga, mindfulness, breathing techniques and meditation support our physical, energetic and emotional body (nervous system) to build up or maintain a healthy balance between those parts and can be an amazing tool to feel better in ourselves, to feel more comfortable in our own skin and even to learn what it means to feel our bodies as a whole (again).

Connecting our body, mind and emotions through different yoga and meditation practices can help us explore the full spektrum of our being in this human form.

(Re-)connecting to our bodies, to find balance, self realization, self acceptance, comfort, discomfort, find strength, control, fitness, healing and everything in between.



Therapeutical Yin Yoga/Yin fascial yoga

Yin Yoga classes start with breathwork/meditation and then work with deep stretches that are held for a few minutes and fascial release movements to release tension and stress.

Yin Yoga balances the nervous system as you rest in longer-held postures. It allows a space to quiet the mind and heal. When you stimulate the connective tissue, it can help with flexibility, circulation, and muscle recovery.


Yoga Nidra/deep relaxation

Yoga Nidra is a form of deep relaxation/meditation where you are laying comfortably on your mat and are guided through your body to balance the nervous system and relax.


Hatha Yoga Flow

Gentle full-body hatha yoga flow, Vikasa style. The class includes pranayama (breathing exercises), balanced asana flow, meditation and final relaxation.


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